Friday, July 24, 2009

A tree falls in the woods

Imagine a series of heavy logs leaning against one another in a tee-pee type of formation, each propped up by the weight of the next. Now, imagine that a chain-saw wielding moron saws one of the logs in half as part of a publicity stunt. Briefly, it looks as if perhaps the entire structure will topple down on itself. Luckily, a fire brigade of bureaucrats is alerted to the problem, and promptly floods the area where the tee-pee was built. The water allows the logs to be manipulated more easily because they are partially afloat. The question is whether the bureaucrats, aided by the flood, can rebuild the original structure minus the damaged log, then drain the area and have a nice new tee-pee, or whether the net effect of this operation is to leave a bunch of soggy logs floating around until such time as nature takes it's course, and we reach the inevitable conclusion ...

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