Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Blog Post

This is a posterous Test. An MP3 and a picture are attached, and I'm leaving a youtube video and pic link inline.

We will see if this reposts correctly to blogger. The main reason I'm thinking of changin things up is because posterous appears to have a slicker interface that makes for less cutting, pasting and typing. Maybe.

Cartoon by Martin Tétrault/Otomo Yoshihide
Download now or listen on posterous
01 Cartoon.mp3 (2087 KB)

UPDATE: This appears to work rather well, and those who want to see the posterous site can go check out the new shadow blog I've created. Soon the Capitalist Axiomatic will be propagating through the internet without limit, feeding back on itself and spawning a new race of vodka-swilling fembots. Or something like that.

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