Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As you might imagine, I'm a skeptic when it comes to the Twitter phenomenon.  At the same time, I assume that in 10 years the web will just tell us what we like and what we're doing today, without much involvement on our part beyond pressing the feeder bar.  So I'm left with a sentiment similar to the one Steve Johnson (rather anti-climatically) gets to in his Time article on Twitter:

Social networks are notoriously vulnerable to the fickle tastes of teens and 20-somethings (remember Friendster?), so it's entirely possible that three or four years from now, we'll have moved on to some Twitter successor. But the key elements of the Twitter platform — the follower structure, link-sharing, real-time searching — will persevere regardless of Twitter's fortunes, just as Web conventions like links, posts and feeds have endured over the past decade. In fact, every major channel of information will be Twitterfied in one way or another in the coming years


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